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Fact check: Purported story about transgender baby is a hoax
Fact check: False claim that Starbucks is going cashless spreads online
Fact check: False claim that Tulsi Gabbard sent $600.01 to Nancy Pelosi
Fact check: Routine FEC filing sparks false claim Biden has filed for reelection
Fact check: False claim that NATO sent 10,000 troops to Ukraine
Fact check: Antarctica has warmed in the last 70 years, contrary to claim
Fact check: Photo altered to show Dr. Oz kissing Trump's Hollywood star
Fact check: The first female F-35 fighter pilot never crashed plane
Why USA TODAY fact checks people and statements in the news
Fact check: Fake Sarah Palin Easter quote originated as satire
Fact check: Post errs assessing electoral power of the Los Angeles area
Fact check: Recent CDC, FBI data shows rifles are deadlier than constipation
Fact check: Dealership quoted $30,000 for hybrid car battery; cost typically less
Fact check: Six states had record maximum temperature in the last 20 years
Fact check: False claim that sending postcards will decertify election
Fact check: Purported 'gay hypnosis' segment on Fox News is fake
Fact check: False claim that Congress voted to exempt itself from tax audits
Fact check: False claim Texas district banned Anne Frank's diary
Fact check: No evidence for quote on FBI probes, presidency attributed to Trump
Fact check: Pictures show IRS college simulation, not agent training
Fact check: Colorado Dominion machines performed properly at recount
Fact check: Posts on Sarasota County school book regulations are misleading
Fact check: Image shows 2020 Donald Trump rally in Wisconsin
Fact check: False claim of human trafficking at Pennsylvania Walmart
Fact check: FEMA will review aid requests if applicant has GoFundMe page
Fact check: Polio detected in New York City sewage, not tap water
Fact check: Satirical tweet on Mar-a-Lago visitors circulates online
Fact check: Bee anatomy allows for flight, not acoustic levitation
Fact check: Fake list of banned Florida books circulates widely online
Fact check: U.S., Mexico border remained open during Tijuana violence
Fact check: Fake tweet bashing Donald Trump wrongly linked to Warren Buffett
Fact check: No, Wikipedia didn't change its definition of 'definition'
Fact check: Inflation Reduction Act will lower health insurance costs
Fact check: Baby carrots are washed safely in chlorinated water
Fact check: Chain of scam posts falsely claim a girl was found in US cities
Fact check: No evidence mosquitoes can spread monkeypox, experts say
Fact check: Video shows McConnell talking policy, not Pelosi 'jailing'
Fact check: WHO chief is vaccinated against COVID-19
Fact check: False claim about Boston hospital's transgender care program
Fact check: Florida's new civics training for teachers was voluntary
Fact check: Experts say orange peels aren't good for tooth enamel
Fact check: Vaccination rates dropped, SIDS rates increased in 2020
Fact check: Video shows Cruz on Ukraine and immigration, not Jan. 6
Fact check: Claim about Marjorie Taylor Greene and arming teachers is satire
Fact check: False claims of serial killer active in many communities
Fact check: Video shows old Ted Cruz footage, not related to Mar-a-Lago
Fact check: False claim Dollar General is switching to 24-hour operations
Fact check: No evidence of a leaked call between Biden, Wray on Trump search
Fact check: False claim of calls between Pelosi's office and Jan. 6 rallygoer
Fact check: Purported photo of NASA shuttle is stock image by 3D animator
Fact check: NASA says no cities on the Moon
Fact check: News report about wastewater testing, not drinking water
Fact check: False claim that Trump sent fundraising email with nuclear codes
Fact check: GOP senators blocked Garland's Supreme Court nomination
Fact check: Altered photo exaggerates Donald Trump's weight
Fact check: Monkeypox can spread to anyone through close contact
Fact check: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has assets of less than $100,000
Fact check: Video shows 2013 protest in Bangladesh
Fact check: Fabricated CNN report of Brittney Griner DNA test
Fact check: False claim that Mike Tomlin banned kneeling during games
Fact check: False claim that wind turbine generators only last 3 to 4 years
Fact check: B12 found in children’s vitamins is safe to consume
Fact check: Oil is being extracted more quickly than it forms
Fact check: No, 'The Simpsons' did not predict the monkeypox outbreak
Fact check: False claim about magistrate judge who approved Trump warrant
Fact check: Walmart's modified COVID-19 store hours to remain in place
Fact check: Video shows a wheat field fire in Michigan, not Ukraine
Fact check: Altered image of Bruce Reinhart, Ghislaine Maxwell circulates
Fact check: Fake BBC graphic lists false monkeypox claims
Fact check: Districts can allow Mississippi school staff to carry guns
Fact check: False claim Rittenhouse, The View settled for $22 million
Fact check: No proof a man with a knife is going door-to-door in US cities
Fact check: Viral image of kayaker in whale's mouth is altered
Fact check: Context missing from claim about health effects of AirPods
Fact check: False claim that monkeypox is linked to the COVID-19 vaccines
Fact check: Fla. teaching certificate law applies to military veterans, not spouses
Fact check: Video shows pro-Trump mob, not Antifa, inside Capitol on Jan. 6
Fact check: False claim that US aid to Ukraine is 15 times US border wall
Fact check: Altered image shows fabricated story about monkeypox
Fact check: Altered image shows fabricated Atlantic story on Biden
Fact check: Disney+ has gained subscribers, not lost them
Fact check: Video shows 2020 US Navy training, not recent Taiwan footage
Fact check: Militia law in 1792 included minimum weapon requirements
Fact check: Video of live-firing drill in Taiwan dates back to 2020
Fact check: Global warming caused by humans, not solar winds
Fact check: UFO seen in viral video is computer-generated
Fact check: Photo of guards saluting Putin was taken in Russia in 2020
Fact check: Experts say shading AC unit does not improve efficiency
Fact check: No tie between COVID-19 vaccine and deaths of 3 Toronto doctors
Fact check: World Health Organization is still operating in Russia
Fact check: Newborn abandoned in Mesa, Ariz., sparks false claims
Fact check: There were shortages when Trump was president
Fact check: No, scopolamine is not in children's COVID-19 vaccines
Fact check: 2019 CNN clip showing wrong vote count due to human error
Fact check: False claim of New Jersey speeding ticket 'frenzy' spreads again
Fact check: Atlantic Ocean hasn't lost 90% of plankton
Fact check: Freezing wood frogs are real, but not shown in viral image
Fact check: No evidence Putin recently met Trump in United States
Fact check: R. Kelly still incarcerated since sex trafficking sentence
Fact check: False claim that seniors can get a $1,728 lump sum from government